WOW Factor - A simple business website for WOW Factor

A simple website for WOW Factor was requested and we were called upon to deliver.

We are a socio-centric lifestyle company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Wowfactor Nigeria Limited was founded in 2012 and is expanding across Nigeria.

Our Vision
Our vision is to define the complete African leader and to build the enabling environment for that leader to thrive.

Our Mission
Our mission is to enhance our clients’ overall success factors with intelligently configured working and living spaces, comfortably tailored clothing and unhindered access to career options especially for the African woman.  

Ultimately we want to play a leading role in developing a first-world Africa for Africans and by Africans. We even have a triple-A formula for this: AfAbA. (Africa for Africans by Africans).

The Outcome

We developed a simple and easy to manage website for the client.

Phone numbers


Email addresses

Office address

No 93 Allen Avenue
2nd Floor
Allen Avenue, Ikeja
Lagos State

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