Customer Service from Nigerian ISPs generally poor

One would ordinarily expect ISPs providing even basic internet access to individuals and businesses to have functional email accounts but I have hd to send emails to non existent email accounts listed on the websites of some ISPs. How and why an organization would advertise a non existent email address is beyond my understanding. In the case of service disruption whether planned or unplanned reaching these ISPs via phone is another huge problem as the phone...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on March, 19 2010

The customer is not always right

Many of us grew up with this phrase, some of us due to our work environments are made to promote this even when we do not believe in it and many innocent workers have been thrown into the unemployment market due to this phrase that is so wrong and unfortunately being promoted by even big organizations like banks and retail outlets all over the country. Nobody can always be right. The customer cannot and the service...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on December, 11 2008

How to protect yourself from bad service providers

Put differently this piece will only make sense to you if you want to learn from other peoples’ mistakes based on real life experiences. I will also provide information on how you can guarantee reasonable quality of service and how you can recover part or all of any funds spent on services or products that do not deliver on promises made. As a matter of principle I never dabble into issues I don’t have very sound...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on September, 3 2008

Need for the mobile workforce

If care is not taken very soon some of us will have to get up in the morning by 3.00pm and hit the road by 3.30am so as to get to our offices before 7.00am or 7.30am. Then in the evening we will have to leave our offices by say 9.30pm or 10.00pm so as to avoid the ever present evening traffic. Now if this is not unhealthy, stressful and sad then I wonder what it...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on February, 26 2008

Business owners, beware of clients that double as business advisers

Are you currently running a business? Do you intend to run one in the near future? If you answered yes to either of the questions above then you may well benefit from this piece. Your business will run smoothly when you are able to plan well. To plan well you must not spend the bulk of your time chasing clients to make or complete payments for products delivered or services rendered. That means you have to...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on September, 5 2007






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