Online Scams: Time for EFCC to correctly identify victims as criminals

Can you really defraud a genuine business man or woman who plays by the rules? I am still waiting for the day a genuine business man or woman would stand up to tell the would how he or she was duped by Nigerian fraudsters. Thus far, the most common transactions require massive compensations for willing greedy, lazy and stupid people for their roles in facilitating one illegal business deal or the other. To put this in...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on June, 4 2009

How EFCC can effectively tackle online scam (419)

No verifiable statistics to back up claims made by foreign agencies and no effort made to gather and analyze data based on facts. Otherwise, why would Nigeria and Nigerians be targeted as if majority of the online scams come from Nigerians and the EFCC cannot correct such position? Defending or promoting ideas or positions of Western agencies or nations sometimes to the detriment of Nigeria and Nigerians is wrong and must be stopped immediately. Good enough...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on February, 12 2009

Internet Access Nightmare in Nigeria

It is not uncommon to find Nigerians with more than one modem (in some cases up to 3 or 4 modems from different ISPs) still looking for a reliable ISP due to the problems they encountered while trying to use the internet services that have been paid for. Some are already looking for buyers of these modems or phone lines even on public forums. I don’t know if there are any regulators in this area and...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on October, 25 2008

Online scam - The International conspiracy against Nigeria

However, when it comes to the issue of online scam the International Community may have chosen to do a way will all manner of rational reasoning, respect for facts, statistics and reality as far as Nigeria is concerned in the issue of online scams. Granted, Nigerians (very few people from Nigeria) are involved in online scams just like the citizens of USA, UK, Russia, South Africa, Netherlands, Spain etc. Anyone that has an email address and...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on December, 26 2007

Nigeria online scams - EFCC still missing the point

What is an online scam or 419 as it is popularly known today even amongst foreigners? Without any consensus on the definition I will explain what it is and how it works. Online scam is a scam that is effected using the internet. It involves the initiator sending out emails to a lot of people (not really targeted people) making offers that are not real or true while waiting for greedy people to respond to such...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on November, 8 2007

Nigeria Online Scams: Where The EFCC Is Getting It Wrong

Many variants are common. Win a trip to Hawaii, all expenses paid. Get a free laptop delivered to you, only pay for shipping. You have won some money, pay a small fee for processing and the cash will be sent to you. Some will make an offer, real product up for sale unfortunately to millions of people around the globe. Let us assume that only 1 million respond to the offer, the seller disappears after collecting...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on August, 14 2007






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